Guilden Sutton

Guilden Sutton is a rural Village around 3 miles from Chester City Centre.

Guilden Sutton has had a Parish Council since they were introduced nationally in 1895. The Council is funded by a precept on the local Council Tax.

The Parish Council acts within the secular parish and is separate from any local ecclesiastic parish.

In 2015 the boundaries of Guilden Sutton Parish were extended to include Pipers Ash and Park Farm.

Currently, Guilden Sutton’s Parish Councillors have no declared political allegiance and work voluntarily, in their own time. Councillors are elected to a term of four years, most recently in 2023. The Council employs a Clerk to implement its decisions.

You can view the latest meeting documents, a list of Councillors and their responsibilities, our statutory documentation and an overview of the Parish Council’s role and responsibilities using the links above.